Why I make Palm Oil Free Soap and Skincare

by Rosie Cantrill

I set up Organik Orangutan in July 2016 to create palm oil-free soap and skincare, with the goal of creating products that contained no artificial chemicals and fragrances harmful to our bodies and the environment. Our skin is our largest organ and we need to take good care of it and be careful what we apply to it. My company also helps to protect the Rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo and in particular the Orangutan who are in a crisis situation.

Due to a huge loss of habitat, orangutans are now critically endangered and close to extinction, with their environment destroyed through deforestation and palm oil plantations (not to mention illegal hunting).

Organik Orangutan soaps and skincare are naturally enriched with organic oils and butters. They are Fair Trade and kind to the environment. Each individual soap has a unique quality of its own that reflects the ingredients used. They are coloured only by natural ingredients which makes them suitable for the most sensitive of skins and will not damage our water supply.

I feel so passionate about this that I wanted to share it with everyone I could. So, in January 2017 I decided to run workshops to teach people how to make their own luxury soap and skincare so they, and their friends and families, could learn how to make high quality and skin nourishing products without the ‘cost’ of palm oil.

Approximately 90% of the world’s palm oil is been produced in Malaysia and Indonesia. Millions of hectares of forest are being destroyed, this causes serious problems for the environment, animals and people living in the rainforest.

Students that attend my workshops leave with the beautiful natural products they have made on the day. They go away knowing exactly what has gone into their product and knowing that it is safe for themselves and their families.

Students attend my workshops because they care about the environment and sustainability and they have a desire to only use products that are safe for their skin and are environmentally friendly.

They go away with the knowledge and confidence to make their own products and in so doing are taking an environmental step in reducing their carbon footprints; making our own soap and beauty products can make a massive impact on the amount of single use plastics we consume as individuals. They also know that I am only an email or a call away should they need any help, guidance or advice in continuing their new creative journey.

British Craft Trade Fair

This year I am very excited to be bringing Organik Orangutan to the British Craft Trade Fair (BCTF) at the North Yorkshire showground in Harrogate. 7th – 9th April 2019 

Orangutan Caring Week 11/10/18 – 17/10/18

Orangutan caring week is coming to an end. Social media picked it up and ran with it full blast. So much so that every other Facebook post, tweet, Instagram post and media reports have been about saving orangutans and their habitat.

The banned Iceland advert ‘Ran-tang’ generated more impact and media coverage than had it been allowed.

Orangutan Veterinary Aid, The Orangutan Project, Save the Orangutan, World Orangutan Events, BOS and International Animal Rescue, to name a few, having been sending out messages to save the critically endangered orangutan and have been rewarded to see the overwhelming support from the general public and celebrities alike.

But there have also been posts sending the message that ‘boycotting palm oil achieves nothing’ and ‘palm oil boycott could increase deforestation’. While I can understand this point of view, I also must disagree with it. Yes, banning palm oil would simply push demand for more land hungry oils such as soy but, many scientists consider palm oil as one of the greatest threats to diversity. And considering how long this fight for sustainable palm has been going on for and the supposed control of it. Orangutans have still been losing their lives and their habitat for many years. So sustainable is simply not working or achieving its aim right now.

Deforestation intensified in the 1970’s, and has accelerated ever since. So much so that in 2008 it was estimated that tropical rainforests in Indonesia would be logged out in a decade.

Well, we are now coming to the end of that decade 2018, and the only method that hasn’t been tried is to avoid palm oil – not for ever – but for now, and certainly ‘dirty palm oil’. Hopefully that may filter through more honest sustainable palm oil. If the big giants have no other choice then they must take the right one and buy sustainable.

If I can be sure the palm I am buying really is sustainable then I for one would support it, but until then my choice is  to avoid products containing it wherever I can.

So really there is no other choice right now in order to save the last remaining orangutans, the time has come to just say STOP!

STOP! Tools down, stay the bulldozers, douse the fires, stifle the greed. Stand down. Breathe.

Only then can we save the rainforests and the lives within before it’s too late.

International Orangutan Day 19th August 2018

International Orangutan Day has been set up to bring to people’s attention the suffering and habitat destruction of the beautiful and gentle Orangutan, mainly due to the exploitation by greedy companies for palm oil.

To celebrate these beautiful apes, while we still have them, Organik Orangutan, is offering 20% off sales for the 19th August. Offer ends 20th August.

Type the code ‘orangutanday’ into the coupon box at checkout.


Roisin Skincare by Organik Orangutan

Take a look at my gorgeous organic skincare just added. No emulsions or preservatives as they are made from pure oils and butters – no water. No packaging to throw away as you can wash out the Kilner jars and reuse.

Choose from Deluxe Body Butters, Beard Butter, Luxury Eleven Moisturiser and pure clay Face Masks.

These would make gorgeous gifts.

#SBS 2018

Fantastic day at the ICC in Birmingham on the 23rd February. Met great inspiring like minded businesses and had motivational and sound advice from Theo Paphitis and his sponsors. And of course a photo with the lovely Theo collecting my winners certificate.

Great day at #SBS Event 2018

Mother’s Day is Near

The new gorgeous scented Bee Free is a limited edition for Mother’s Day.

The sweet round shape with an embedded heart has been specially made for all the mums out there because they’re so special and put their heart into everything they do. They are limited only a few made so hurry!

Welcome and Happy New Year

Welcome to Organik Orangutan’s new website.

I hope your New Year has started well where ever you are in the world.

I will be posting regularly here on lots of different topics and letting you know where I’ll be around the country attending events and shows through out 2018.

New for this year I will be running soap making and organic skincare workshops. I will be posting dates and further details on my Workshop page. Come and learn a new skill and meet the animals.

I hope too meet you sometime at some point 🙂

Take care